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Welcome to the Mind & Body of Hall of Fame Bodybuilder, Shawn Ray! The time has come where you the Fan-Athlete can interact, Train with and Learn from one bodybuilding so most "Consistently Conditioned & Superbly Balanced" athletes in history! Here you will find an Educated, Calculated & Experienced Mind that compliments a World-Class Physique like no other. Here's your chance to get Schooled by the  articulate Sugar Shawn Ray and apply his Training & Business Principles to further your fitness goals! Shawn will share with you his personal Customized Training Routines for many of his Mr. Olympia Competitions as well as his meticulous Diet Regimes that separated his physique from the rest of the field with ripped conditioning and precise detail. Now you can share in the opportunity to train with or be trained by Legendary Pro Bodybuilder, Shawn Ray!

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